Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related , Wedding March 24th, 2007

Matt and I just returned from attending the wedding of (ready?) my father’s cousin’s son. There was no dog damage when we returned. We attribute this to some elementary precautions we took.

  1. A two-hour, four-mile walk along the American River Parkway from noon to 2 pm.
  2. A new DAP plugin. (If you don’t know about DAP, the link will take you to the Needlenose News edition where I broke the story. You’ll have to scroll to the second page. Look for “Miracle Product? Or Snake Oil?”)
  3. Bitter apple, an unpalatable substance, applied to the chew toy/door.
  4. Doggie diaper (really a puppy training pad) in the front room for Philip, who doesn’t have access to the dog door when the dogs are separated.
  5. Bedroom light left on.

The score for the chew toy/door (+ bitter apple) is currently: door 1, Henry 2. We’re hoping bitter apple and lights will consistently improve those odds.

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