“She blends in”

Kim or Matt related , Things kids say March 21st, 2007

While it’s not unusual for me to hear that I look young, it’s been rubbed in rather mercilessly recently.

Occasion 1: The bell just rang to dismiss 7th period. I follow my kids out of the room, intent on performing assigned supervision duty in front of the school. Kid 1 and kid 2 are horsing about, whacking at each other and so forth. Naturally, I intervene. Kids 1 and 2 look about, startled. Really, I think, kids these days. You just came out of my class. Of course I’m right there. All is made clear, however, when kid 3 snickers and says, “See, I told you. She blends in.”

Occasion 2: I go to the dentist. The dental assistant is surprised to hear that I teach middle school, as she thought I, myself, was in high school.

Occasion 3: I go to the optometrist, who, being Japanese herself, is well aware that I (and she) am often mistaken for younger. She tells me I look “all of 17.”

Occasion 4: I get on the bus after school, paying $2.25, as usual. The bus driver asks if I want a transfer and I answer in the affirmative. Rather than a transfer, however, he gives me a daily pass ($5, unlimited rides for the day). This is the second time a bus driver has done this. The first time, I thought it was a mistake, but twice doesn’t make sense. And then I figure it out: students ride for half price.

I’ll be grateful when I’m old, right?

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  1. Danielleon 22 Mar 2007 at 11:44 am

    Don’t worry…I got told by a 20 yr old cutting my hair that I looked 19 but realized I wasn’t when I told her I got a PhD. My brother has been asked millions of times if he is the older one and I even get carded over him. At least you get discounts out of it right? So, it isn’t even the Asian gene. Just imagine how young Jeff and I must look together?

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