Greyhound related , Kim or Matt related March 11th, 2007

Matt and I spent the evening with Kevin and Emily, as Emily came to town for a law school open house and Kevin was barbecuing. In preparation, we took the dogs out for a four-mile walk along the American River Parkway. When we came home, the dogs zonked out, so we figured everything would be fine.

See, there’s this door that separates the living room from the back of the house. We closed it, leaving Philip in front, with the sofa and window. Henry gets the bedroom and dog door. One thing we forgot: a light for the dogs. Whether this was the root cause or not, apparently Henry became. . . anxious. When we got home, there were splinters of wood on the floor, as well as this:

door damage

Eventually, we’ll need a new door. Likely, we’ll have to have it custom-made, as nothing in this house is standard. Yay, greyhounds!

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