In which someone random draws erroneous conclusions

Kim or Matt related , Site notes February 22nd, 2007

When I logged in to my website today, I see a new incoming link. “What’s this?” I ask myself, clicking on the link. “This” turns out to be a website compiling lists of URLs on what I can only conclude are random topics. One of said random topics is “Fresno Wedding Photographers.” Apparently, Random Webmaster (or someone) noticed in my blog some reference to “wedding,” “Fresno,” and my photographer’s name, and then added one and one and one to make eighty bazillion. See the screen grab below. (Click on the image to enlarge it. You’ll be able to read the text.)

website link

(There’s no link to the actual site because I’m requesting that the link be removed, seeing as how it’s erroneous and all.)

Matt’s working on making my site invisible to search engines as soon as I finish typing this.

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