Kim or Matt related , Wedding January 10th, 2007

Occasionally, for the past several months, Kevin has sent me e-mails with the post topic in the subject line. They generally related to rumors about where Wii consoles could be found, or his latest thwarted attempt to acquire a Wii. Well, tonight, I’m borrowing his subject line before it retires, because we got one!

Actually, Kevin got one for us. He’s been sitting with the Wii in its box in his apartment since 10 am. He manfully resisted the temptation to break it open because it is, technically, our wedding present from my family.

(Aside: Yes, the Wii is the coolest off-registry (and possibly overall) gift we received. Those dishtowels? Demoted.)

When Matt and I got home this evening, there was a familiar-looking car out front. “Is that Kevin?” I asked. “Yes,” said Matt. “He asked me if I wanted a ride home, but I told him, ‘I’ve got the car.’” When we entered the house, Kevin was watching TV in the bedroom, with an EB Games bag on the bed. Inside. . . was a Wii! Sweet!

Kevin and Matt made fools of amused themselves with Wii Sports. I took pictures. Then Kevin’s friend called. So he’s out hanging with his homies, and Matt and I are Wii-ing. (Kevin’s coming back at 9.)

Wii setup Matt sets up the Wii.

Kevin teaches
Kevin explains the intricacies of bowling.

Kim bowls! I bowl!

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