Police standoff!

Kim or Matt related , This deserves its own category December 1st, 2006

I just got home from navigating a police standoff. Want more details?

I was driving home on 39th, as usual, when, just before Folsom, I encountered a police blockade. Like everyone else, I turned left off of 39th onto M, which was our only option. Like a few people, I tried turning right on 38th to see if I could just go around. Nope – another police blockade. So I (along with those aformentioned few people) turned around and got back on M.

I’d tell you the rest in more detail, but I can’t even remember what streets I ended up on. Suffice it to say that I wound my way through East Sac, along with hordes of other detourees, for fifteen to twenty minutes before finding my way to J, where I could get back on 39th and go back home.

In the middle of this, I called Matt, because it’s not every day that one’s neighborhood gets swarmed by the police. He checked the internet and discovered that the blockade was due to a standoff between police and a parolee they suspect is armed. The dude (son-in-law of the owners) barricaded himself into the house and won’t come out. The house in question is on the corner of 39th and Folsom. (Ahh, now I understand the detour.) Matt and I are speculating that the house in question is the one that we, along with Kevin, refer to it as the Barbie house, as it is painted a very bright Pepto-Bismol shade of pink. (Hideous is a charitable description.)

I choose to be amused that on my way home from my teaching job in an undesirable neighborhood, I was waylaid for twenty minutes by an armed police standoff in the middle of my highly desirable neighborhood.

Addendum: Crap. I just realized that I have to negotiate that again to pick Matt up at the med center in. . . twenty minutes. Maybe I should leave now. . .

Addendum the second, 6:30 pm: Mission accomplished. Police blockade successfully circumnavigated. Matt and Kim successfully returned home. (We’re later than usual because Matt’s bus was late, not really because of the detour.)

Addendum the third, 6:53 pm: A SWAT team took the guy into custody. You can find the current story here. (You can even download the video clip!) And yes, it was the Barbie house.

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