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Things kids say , This deserves its own category November 30th, 2006

Right after lunch, my 5th period kids file up to my room and get in line. One of my kids, whom, I might add, I’ve never had a meaningful conversation with prior to this, says she has some questions. Okay, shoot, I say. What follows are her questions, and, to the best of my memory, my answers.

Q: When dogs have babies, does size matter? Because we have a Doberman and a Chihuahua, and my mom wants them to have puppies.
A: Well, that’s a good question. I’m not sure. Basically, all dogs can mate. But there might be problems with the mechanics because of the size difference. What I mean is, if you can get the penis into the vagina, they should be able to mate. But the size difference might make that complicated.
Notes: I can’t believe I used the word “mechanics” and then had to explain it. But I figure I’m the science teacher and I’d better be matter-of-fact about this.

Q: But would she, I mean the Chihuahua, be able to have the puppies?
A: Well, I really don’t know. The babies would be a mix; they’d get some characteristics from the mom and some from the dad. So that means they’d probably be bigger than a Chihuahua would normally be. That might make it difficult for her to carry the puppies. The best person to ask about that would probably be a veterinarian.
Notes: I can’t belive we’re continuing to have this conversation. Also, in retrospect, I can’t believe I was so floored by this that I didn’t work in anything about pet overpopulation.

Q: And I have one more question. What’s a atomic bomb?

Okay, so we’ll skip my answer on that one and move straight on to the exposition. You have got to be kidding me! Right after lunch, a child proceeded to ask me, out of nowhere, about Doberman-on-Chihuahua sex, a follow-up question about Doberman-on-Chihuahua sex, and to explain an atomic bomb. Or to summarize slightly less graphically, questions on genetics, genetics, and nuclear chemistry. This randomness essentially sums up the mindset of middle school kids.

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  1. Corrieon 01 Dec 2006 at 7:05 pm

    Ha ha! I guess it’s nice to know that your kids trust you enough to ask you any questions they want…. sad that she’s not asking her mom about breeding their dogs since the mom seems to be the one who wants to….?

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