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Kim or Matt related , Wedding October 13th, 2006

When Matt and I were in Fort Bragg last weekend, I took Henry into the dog store. (Philip can’t go in because he has a tendency to pick up merchandise in his mouth.) The proprietor oohed and ahhed over my dog and then asked if we lived locally (she recognized my dog). I said no, and she commented that she’d seen us twice in one summer. I told her we’d gotten married last time, and after the obligatory congratulations, she asked if the dogs were in the wedding. I said yes, and she asked for a copy of a photo for her board. (The store has a bulletin board with pictures of visiting pets.)

I forgot to send the picture until today. When I did, I also remembered that I never sent a picture of my wedding makeup to my make-up artist. So I did that, too. Then I remembered that I already completed a model release for her website, leading me to check the site to see if she already had a picture. Indeed, she did. Gawk at me on (Click on the thumbnail of my picture to gawk at Matt and Emily, too.)

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  1. Amy Wallon 17 Oct 2006 at 11:26 am

    Hi Kim, thank you for the beautiful picture.
    As you can see, I have made you the star of the show!
    Amy Wall

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