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Photo essay , This deserves its own category August 23rd, 2006

A photo essay

I’m sitting with Philip on the sofa when he suddenly perks up and looks at the door. It’s about noon, so I assume he’s heard the mail carrier. To head off a storm of frantic barking, I go outside to intercept the mail. (This keeps the carrier off our porch, which keeps Philip happy.) In the mail, I find this:


It’s a letter from my parents. Why, I wonder, are my parents writing to me a mere two days before I’m expected in Fresno for the reception? So I open it.


There’s a document (more on this later) appended with a Post-It. The Post-It says:


From what I can see, somewhere in the long, long trek between Sacramento and Fresno, the postal service managed to lose approximately half of my parent’s copy of the Needlenose News. Of course, because it was folded, the loss ends up being about a fourth off the top and a fourth off the bottom. Since fully two stories are still readable in their entirety, I’m not sure what my parents are so incensed about. Judge for yourself below:


Conveniently, just below this there’s a post about the new online Needlenose News archives. This allows you to see what the cover is supposed to look like. Also, for scale, remember: What my parents received fit into a standard legal-sized envelope for mailing (back) to me.

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