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Site notes June 22nd, 2006

This being the digital age and all, I’ve been considering a website for some time. The benefits of being affianced to Matt’s Tech Support include having a domain procured for you in your name and getting a website set up for you on said domain without actually learning anything about the process. Though the e-mail side has been up and running for several years now, I’ve been avoiding the web side because:

A. It takes too much work, time, and knowledge.
B. It pre-empts my Needlenose News.
C. No one who cares (i.e., my family, excluding my brother) has internet access.

However, I’ve come to decide that:

A. Matt does all the work and has all the knowledge. Also, I’m on summer vacation at the moment (the mother of all teaching perks).
B. I don’t always have space in the Needlenose News for all the details I’d like to include. Also, some are less suitable than others for the consumption of, say, my grandmother. A complimentary web-based space solves that problem nicely.
C. People who care (i.e., my family, excluding my brother) already get a paper copy of the Needlenose News. Postage costs for said publication to anyone who might possibly care (i.e., assorted friends I’m not in close contact with) would be ruinous. This is a nice compromise.

At any rate, welcome. The site will likely be updated frequently from June – Septemer, and significantly less frequently for the rest of the year. It’s a teaching thing.

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  1. Philip A. Greyhoundon 22 Jun 2006 at 1:18 pm

    Mommy, I\’m hungry. What with the website and all, you forgot to feed me this morning. Can I eat now, please?

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